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Professional Photographic Services That Are True Works Of ART

My Mission

To provide the opportunity to acquire professional high quality pictures of those moments in life that are gone in the blink of an eye.  All of my pictures are always printed by professional photo labs on real photo paper because my reputation depends on what you see.  I want to help people realize that although smart phones are convenient, they often fall short on providing clear, crisp or bright pictures the way a true DSLR camera does.  Ditch those phone and tablet cameras and contact me for your next event.

Types of Photography

     All Types of Indoor and Outdoor Sports                    Personal and Family Portraits

     College & Business Resume Photos                          Portable Studio Work

     Charitable Events                                                         Family and Corporate Functions

     Landscape and Scenery                                             Professional Photo Booth

My Background

     I've loved photography since I was a little kid.  I even bought my on camera with my summer savings at 13 years old.  I studied photography in High School and in College.  Although the days of developing my own pictures in a dark room are gone, the basics are still in place.  In taking pictures of my kids in sports, I was approached by other parents asking me to do pictures for them and my business was born.  I started my official company in 2011 & still can't believe all that is involved in a start up.  I transferred over to the digital editing world which is pretty cool.  And even after 30 years of taking pictures, I keep learning new and exciting techniques to push the boundaries of what pictures can be.  I've even done some video work here and there.

Contact Information:

Location:  Springfield Pennsylvania

                   Just south of Philadelphia

Phone:  610-283-5068

My Gear

Nikon Camera = D4 DSLR

Nikon Lenses =  200-400,   70-200,   28-300,  35-70 macro, 85, 35,  1.7 teleconverter

Nikon Flash =  SB-910

Portable Studio including backdrop, lights, strobes, reflectors, diffusors and Softboxes

Tradeshow Displays

Software = Lightroom 5, OnOne, Nik, Photoshop,

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