Portrait Examples

You choose the picture you want to place on the backgrounds.

Your sports backgrounds may be different so check your order form for more details.

All Portraits come with free touch-ups and color corrections.  All prints have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    All pictures are copyright protected.     Unauthorized screenshots or copies are illegal .  Legal action will be taken on unauthorized use.

This includes and is not limited to social media, personal use or commercial use without  permission.  If you haven't paid for it you do not have the right to copy, store or post it.

Thank you in advance for respecting my family and my business.


Perfect Shots Photography  LLC.....  By Greg Miller.....  Phone 610-283-5068.....  Email: Greg@perfectshotsphotography.com......  Located just south of Philadelphia

Available for hire for Private, Public, Portrait,Photo Booth and Social Events. Contact me for availability and pricing.

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